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Melbourne is known for its rich and eclectic food culture. Whether you’re after a fine dining experience, 'cheap eats', casual dining, a ‘celebrity chef’ experience, or a traditional meal from any country or culture, Melbourne has the best of the best. Excellent dining experiences are part of Melbourne’s culture. 

Food trucks epitomize Melbourne’s food culture because they offer so much of what you look for in a dining experience. Quality, flavour, passion and choice, enjoyed in the surroundings of festivals and events, markets, food truck parks, and on the streets of the most liveable city in the world.

We are a local family run business with over 30 years experience in the food and beverage industry. You will understand why Chef Calamari is everything you love about Melbourne’s food culture as soon as you are greeted by our genuine team and wowed by one of our signature dishes, homemade lemonades or specialty food and beverage options. 

Our ethos is to give customers a quality and memorable food experience. Our recipes and methods are the result of decades of experience, and countless hours of creating, testing, tweaking, changing, and re-testing over and over again before a dish or drink makes it to our menu. Our seasoned flours are created by us and put together the same day that we use them. Similarly, our homemade lemonades are made from scratch and always fresh. We don't start cooking your dish until you order it, and when you receive it, you will understand why we say that we offer restaurant quality seafood at street-food prices.

Come and experience why customers keep coming back and event organisers keep inviting us back. 

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In addition to our classic Street-Food menu we offer tailored and specialised menus to fit in with your theme or event.  Contact us to discuss catering options for your next event.

Quality Ingredients


Fresh Quality Seafood

We work closely with our seafood wholesalers to ensure that all of our dishes are of the highest quality and freshness. Our seafood wholesalers are family owned and operated, and HACCP certified.  


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Homemade Lemonades made with Fresh ORGANIC Lemon Juice

We only use freshly squeezed organic lemon juice in our homemade lemonades and warming teas. Our lemonades and teas are 100% natural and made from scratch. We do not add soft drink or soda water. Special lemonades, such as our strawberry lemonade and ginger lemonade are made with fresh juices and purees. 

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Fresh Produce from Melbourne's Best Markets

We are proud to support local and family owned businesses, and source our fresh produce from Melbourne's best markets. 

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Customer Favourite


Baja Fish Tacos quickly became a customer favourite. Stay tuned for the launch of our new tacos.


Autumn/Winter Street-Food Menu

Information for Organisers



Our offer appeals to and is loved by Melbourne's foodies and families, both adults and kids, and by people from all different areas (local and global) and different backgrounds. This is because we offer an experience that has a point of difference, represents value, and is made with passion.

We use the highest quality ingredients, cook everything fresh, and have the capacity to cater to large volumes quickly and with no compromise on quality, standards or presentation.  We have a wonderful team of friendly, engaging and skilled staff, who will ensure that your customers or guests are provided with a memorable and impressive experience.  

We have provided our ‘food truck experience’ to all types of events and have experience with numerous premium Victorian venues and events. We are very proud to have built a solid following and repeat business from event managers, councils and customers.

In addition to over 30 years experience in restaurants, cafes and food trucks, we have corporate and legal backgrounds. Therefore, we are professional and easy to deal with. We understand the importance of high levels of communication and high standards of delivery on all levels of our operation. We are compliant, up-to-date with all licences, and adhere to the highest food safety and hygiene standards.

Event organisers that we have worked with are happy to attest to the above and endorse our brand and model. We can provide Letters of Recommendation upon request. 

We are able to trade from a marquee in certain circumstances. 

Please contact us directly for further information, our event portfolio, truck/van  and marquee specs, menu options, and to discuss how we can team up with you for your next event. 

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Festivals & Major Events


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AFL & Other Sports Events


Corporate Events


Weddings, Engagements & Private Parties


Waterfront Events and Beach Parties


Council & Government Organisation Events


Beer Festivals & Breweries






School, University & Community Events


Food Truck Parks & Food Trucks Events



Find out why foodies and families love Chef Calamari


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All dishes and drinks are prepared in the same kitchen.  Similarly, due to the high volume of orders, it is not possible to dedicate a separate fryer for each type of dish. Therefore, if there is a dish on the menu that contains something you are allergic to, it is highly probable that your dish will be cooked in the same oil. 

Please advise us of any allergies before ordering your dish.  We will do our best to accommodate you, if we can.

Please  contact us if you have any queries regarding food allergies. 

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